UKSDM organized Workshop on India Skills held on 16 Jan 2018.

Inauguration of Country's first Training center under PMKVY 2.0 State component in Dehradun,Uttrakhand.(DWONLOAD).


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     "SYNERGY" Coordinating for Skilled Uttarakhad, Report of Workshop on 29-30 September 2016 (Click to download a copy)

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Uttarakhand Skill Development Mission organized two days’ workshop in Dehradun to bring all department which are involved in skilling program, at one platform for the purpose of co-ordinating for skilled Uttarakhand and ensure that benefits of skilling programs must reach to unemployed youth of all sections of the State in order to enable youth for start-up, entrepreneurship or wage/salary employment.
 Shri Om Prakash, IAS, Principal Secretary, Government of Uttarakhand inaugurated two days workshop “SYNERGY” by lightening the lamp followed by Ms. Jyotsana Sitling, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Mrs. Manisha Panwar, IAS, Principal Secretary, Government of Uttarakhand, Mr. D. Senthil Pandiyan, IAS, Secretary and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, IAS, Project Director, Uttarakhand Skill Development Mission.
 Shri Om Prakash, IAS, Principal Secretary, in his inaugural Speech welcome all the presence and state the importance of Uttarakhand Skill Development Mission in context of the state and majority of unemployed and unskilled youth in the state. Further added, he that all departments through this workshop will come closer to one another as far as coordination for skilled Uttarakhand is concerned.
He appreciates the initiatives being taken by Uttarakhand Skill Development Mission in path of achieving goal of Skilled Uttarakhand and launched a mobile app “KUSHAL UTTARAKHAND” by clicking the button.
This mobile application can be download by mobile any user by simply clicking on links on or  Google Play Store and further using the instruction provided on app.
 Train youth/ unemployed worker can register himself/herself through this app on just clicking on icon REGISTRATION and fill the form as per instruction provided therein before finally submit it.  This app would be helpful for skilled youth like- carpenter, electrician, and plumber etc. to register themselves and make available for current job market. User can search place wise training centers in all 13 districts of Utttarakhand, Pin code wise training place, District wise records and to disseminate information between skilled job seekers and job providers. Such App will be helpful to reach the untouched area in the State with ease.
Ms. Jyotsana Sitling, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship in her discourse mentioned the importance of Nation Skills Qualifications Framework(NSQF) and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in terms of skilling programs and expect that through this workshop better coordination shall be established amongst all government department for skilling people.
Mrs. Manisha Panwar, IAS, Principal Secretary, Government of Uttarakhand, congratulate the Project Director of Uttarakhand Skill Development Mission for his constant initiative in skilling youth of Uttarakhand and hope that this workshop will make its impact & significance especially in making better coordination amongst all departments.  
 Mr. D. Senthil Pandiyan, Secretary, Technical Education feel encourage to see the gathering of all department concerned with Skilling youth and expect that skilling to youth will reach to next level in the   State through better coordination.                                                                                                                                                                      
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, IAS,  Project Director, Uttarakhand Skill Development Mission emphasized the need of such workshop for the sake of better coordination amongst all departments involved in skilling youth and further added that there should be continuous deliberation, communication and dissemination of skill related information between agencies involved in certification of courses and agencies involved in training/skilling youth as to how to accommodate with dynamic changes in skilling supply and job market demand. He added that Mobile app “KUSHAL UTTARAKHAND” is initiative for reaching at the door of unskilled unemployed youth to convert him/her.                                                  


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