New North Zone Skill Competition 2018

New PMKVY Batches 2018

New Global Exhibition on Services 17/05/2018

New Kaushal Mela Dehradun 05/05/2018

New Inaugration of Pastry Chef Batch at Women ITI Dehradun 23/04/2018

New Gallery Award Ceremony 2018

Cooking 18/04/2018

Restaurant service 18/04/2018

Electronics 17/04/2018

MCAD 17/04/2018

Hair Dressing 17/04/2018

Beauty Therapy 17/04/2018

Mobile Robotics 16/04/2018

Auto Body Repair 15/04/2018

Mechtronics 15/04/2018

Welding (State Level) 15/04/2018 

Car Painting (State Level) 15/04/2018 

Restaurant Service (Kumaun Region) 12/04/2018

Cooking (Kumaun Region) 12/04/2018

Auto Body Repair (Kuamun Region) 11/04/2018

Welding (Kumaun Region) 11/04/2018

Beauty Therapy (Kumaun Region) 11/04/2018

Hair Dressing (Kumaun Region) 11/04/2018

Mobile Robotics (Kumaun Region) 11/04/2018

Car Painting (Kumaun Region) 11/04/2018

MCAD (Kumaun Region) 10/04/2018

Electronics (Kumaun Region) 10/04/2018

Cooking & Restaurant Services (Garhwal Region) 07/04/2018

Auto Body Repair & Car Painting (Garhwal Region) 07/04/2018

Welding (Garhwal Region) 07/04/2018

Hair Dressing (Garhwal Region) 06/04/2018

Beauty Therapy (Garhwal Region) 05/04/2018

UKSDM Started training in District Jail Dehradun 25-01-2018.

UKSDM organized Workshop on India Skills held on 16 Jan 2018.

Inauguration of Country's first Training center under PMKVY 2.0 State component in Dehradun,Uttrakhand.

Skill Development Workshop in District Rudraprayag 23-08-2017.

UKSDM BOG Meeting on 02/03/2017.

UKSDM/PMKVY Meeting on 21-07-2017.

UKSDM Celebrate World youth skill day 15-07-2017.

Painting Competition on world youth skill day.

UKSDM Organized Wall painting competition on 14-07-2017.

UKSDM Participate in Global Skill Development meet in France 19 June to 23 June 2017.

UKSDM Certificate Distribution District Jail Haridwar on 29-04-2017.

Meeting on 27-04-2017 at ATI Dehradun.

UKSDM organized Workshop on 10 March 2017

UKSDM Certificate distribution By Project Director on 7th March 2017.

Meeting on J.C.B.Bahadurgarh By 1st March 2017.

 Meeting on L&T Ballabhgarh, Haryana 28 Feb 2017.

 Meeting on Volvo, Hoskote, Bangalore, 27 Feb 2017 

UKSDM Started Training in district Jail & NariNiketan Dehradun from 27-10-2016.

A Two Days’ Workshop "SYNERGY" 29 &30 September 2016

UKSDM- World Youth Skill Day 15 July 2016

Painting competition on World Youth Skills Day 15 July 2016

Exhibition to display product/Model prepared by ITI Trainees on 29 June 2016

Inauguration Ceremony of I.R.D.T. Auditorium 20 June 2016

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